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Skiing in BiH

Skiiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Settled and professionally maintained ski slopes, modern ski lifts, diverse offer of accommodation capacities are only a few of many reasons for spending winter holidays in B&H

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been well known as a mountain country with excellent conditions for all kinds of winter activities. Due to this fact, in 1984 Sarajevo was the host of the XIV Winter Olympic Games. The most mountains and hills are situated in the central and Eastern Bosnia, and the most famous ones are: Bjelašnica, Igman, Trebević, Jahorina, Treskavica (known as the Olympic Games) as well as: Vlašić, Maglić, Vranica, Čvrsnica, Prenj, etc. Therefore, it is not surprisingly that recently the skiing tourism has been developed more and more at these places.

If you enjoy in winter sports and activities or simply like snow, you should certainly visit some of the most popular skiing sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ski resort Jahorina is situated to the southeast of Sarajevo. Jahorina mountain is actually a part of the Dinaric mountain range and the largest ski area in the country. There are several ski lifts all over the mountain that offer Olympic-style professional trails and novice trails for children and beginners. The ski lifts climb to 1,894m with fabulous views towards Sarajevo. Within the resort there are 25 km of ski slopes, cross-country tracks and a great number of hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars and clubs with the full range of facilities including indoor swimming pool, medical center, info centers, ski rentals, skiing instructions and internet access.

Ski resort Babin Do on Bjelašnica mountain is situated near Sarajevo (about 25 km from the city center). Bjelašnica has the best infrastructure and most challenging slopes. It is the steepest of Bosnia’s ski mountains. There are 14 km long slopes for skiing and snowboarding and a great choice of restaurants, clubs, wellness and spa centers as well as some other winter related activities.

Malo polje (meaning “Small Plateau”) is a ski resort situated on Igman mountain (southwest of Sarajevo, next to Bjelašnica mountain) that surrounds the parts of Sarajevo: Hrasnica, Butmir, Ilidža. During the Winter Olympic Games in 1984 Igman hosted the ski-jumping competition. It has several good but smaller routes, children’s area and small lift for beginners with soft hills to practice on. Igman is ideal for families and even has horse-drawn carriage rides through the snow. There are ski rentals, ski lifts and a long cross-country route with the trails suitable for terrific cross-country skiing, hiking and walking. The restaurants offer excellent traditional dishes and most of the food is from the surrounding mountain villages.

Vlašić is a mountain situated in the very middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having the great accommodation capacities, trails suitable for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, Vlašić has been the most popular destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina during winter time. Except for skiing, Vlašić is also known by production of cheese and specific breeds of dog called “tornjak” and sheep called “pramenka”.

Kupres is a town and municipality in Herzegovina, famous by its winter tourist attractions and ecologically preserved nature. It has over 13 km long very well prepared slopes for skiing and snowboarding with five ski lifts. All skiing slopes are connected between themselves and not far away from the central hotel complex. Within the ski center, you can rent skiing equipment and get skiing instructions. There is a choice of hotels and other possibilities for accommodation. The restaurants and their excellent chefs offer tasty traditional dishes. The night life in Kupres is also very rich, so the visitors of all ages can have fun and spend a wonderful time.

Ski center Rostovo is situated 12 km from Bugojno. The offer covers all activities related to skiing (including skiing by night) and also an interesting choice of accommodation: you can choose between hotel and authentic mountain cottages that make the ethnic village Babići a very popular destination.

Risovac is situated in the Nature Park Blidinje that covers the area of 358 km2 on the hillside of Čvrsnica mountain. The park is also a home to Blidinje Lake. An exceptional geographic position of the park (two natural zones) has created a unique combination of both Mediterranean and mountain climate. Blidinje Plateau, 35 km long and 3.5 km wide, is suitable for all-year-round activities. During winter period, Blidinje is ideal for beginner skiers.  Beside wide range of food served in local restaurants and accommodation capacities, here you can also visit medieval necropolis (burial ground), walk around the Plateau or take a boat around Blidinje Lake.

Raduša (near Gornji Vakuf) is becoming more and more popular ski destination. The highest peak of the mountain is Idovac (1,956m). In addition to well settled ski trails and ski lifts, there is also the restaurant “Vidikovac” at a height of 1,720m, designed in modern style, with a nice terrace providing a spectacular view to the valley and surrounding mountains. If you prefer skiing outside the officially declared trails, the possibilities are truly exceptional since the whole upper part of the skiing site (above forest border) becomes one big free-ride zone.

Oštrelj is a settlement on the mountain Oštrelj (1,330m) situated only 12km from Bosanski Petrovac. Ski resort Oštrelj with accompanying facilities was built after the Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984 and it offers skiing and cross-country trails, ski rental, ski instructions, hiking routes, horse-drawn carriage rides, etc. Mostly covered by centuries-old coniferous forests and having an interesting land configuration, this winter complex is a very pleasant place to relax.

Kozara National Park possesses many striking features of natural beauty and great historical heritage. Having a mild continental climate, a range of landscapes, mountain peaks and a unique architecture, this National Park attracts many visitors. The local hiking club offers a variety of outdoor activities, ski rentals, skiing instructions, accommodation and catering services.

Rujište is a mountain and very popular resort situated 18km to the North of Mostar, in Herzegovina. It is a lovely place, offering ski trails, ski lifts, night skiing, ski instructions, especially suitable for beginners and those who are not able to visit some other bigger ski resorts. The services are provided by the motel “Snježna kuća” (Snow House) with good offer and favorable prices, and there are also climbers’ lodging, scouts hostel and a small settlement with private weekend houses.

Recreation center “Brusnica” is situated on eastern part of Vranica mountain (the highest mountain in central Bosnia), 15km from Fojnica. The Center provides hiking and skiing activities on 5 km long tracks of different categories (recreational to competitive), ski lifts, night skiing, ski rental, skiing instructions, ski-scooter driving, sliding, tubing. The offer is diverse and attractive for nature lovers and discovering new locations. A wide range of services (accommodation in apartments, restaurant, café bar, terrace, sauna, massage services) guarantees a good relaxation and recreation on the mountain.

Igrišta is a small ski center situated on the mountain Javor and named after the highest peak of the mountain (1,406m).  The ski center was built on the highway Sarajevo – Zvornik for the purposes of the Winter Olympics as a spare center. The accommodation capacities include two hotels and the center offers lots of possibilities for entertainment.


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