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Rafting in BiH

Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina – A pleasure you will never forget

Rafting is a kind of sport or recreation on the river, where a group of people (between 4–10) paddles down the river in a rubber boat, shooting the rapids for excitement, adventure, companionship and having fun. Although considered as an extreme sport, and there are international competitions, rafting is primarily a kind of sporting recreation.

The boats for rafting (“rafts”) are made of extremely resistant multi-layered rubber and they have several separate air chambers. They are usually 3m or 6m long. In most cases, rafting boats are sailed by a skipper/a steering man who steers and guides a raft down the rapids of a river. Each of the raft passengers (“rafters”) is equipped by an oar, safety floating vest and a helmet. Beginners (usually tourists) are given detailed instructions to be strictly followed during the rafting.

According to the level of severity, rafting is divided into six categories (classes), as follows:

Class 1: Rafting usually performed on a still river with slow flow

Class 2: Rafting shooting minor rapids with some stones, but still not dangerous rafting at all

Class 3: Rafting shooting rapids, small waves, minor waterfalls, however with no significant danger. Touristic rafting usually belongs to this class.

Class 4: Rafting shooting rapids, bigger waves, some rocks, bigger waterfalls and drops. This class is only for the rafters with experience and it requires great concentration and prompt reaction

Class 5: Rafting shooting rapids, big waves, severe rocks and cliffs, big waterfalls and drops. This class means the final stage of competition rafting and it requires very precise and focused steering

Class 6: Rafting shooting rapids, great waves, big and very dangerous rocks and cliffs, many traps and drops. This class is highly dangerous and life-threatening to rafters, so it often ends up with accidents.

It requires very skillful raft steering, with no right to make a mistake

There are several rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina being known by rafting, such as: Una, Drina, Neretva, Tara, Vrbas.


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